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2012 Ranger® 400
Reviewer: Jameson
From: Greenfield, Tennessee, United States
Date: 08/20/2012
Rider Height: 5' 10"
Rider Weight: 180
Miles/Hours: 20 hours
Overall Rating:
Specs: Clear Creek Vehicles Specs
Insurance: Request A Quote
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Very Impressed

After owning a Grizzly, a Sportsman and a Rancher, we decided to go to a side by side. We just bought the 2012 Polaris Ranger 400 4x4. I was very conflicted on buying the 400 because they had the 2012 marked down and a new 500 EFI for $1,100 more. I have been riding my friend's 500 and loved it. I went with the 400 and am glad I did. I saved $1,100 and got more "pep" in my opinion. I feel the 400 has more low end torque and takes off better in high. I'm sure it's slower top end, but I didn't buy it to race. It rides superb, has ample storage, the 500 lb. assisted lift bed is a plus and everything is just well placed. I do not like the headlight situation where you have to turn the key back a notch to get the headlights on. I would rather a switch, but very minor details! I added the roof, windshield, front bumper, and winch and am very happy with everything. It is hard to shift between gears at first but loosens up. It will fit two adults and a kid even though it's a 2 seater. And as a bonus, I added a blinker kit and side mirrors and tagged it to ride on the road!

Upgrades/Accessories:  3500# Polaris Winch Lock and Ride Windshield Lock and Ride Roof Polaris front bumper LED Blinker kit (to make it street legal here in TN)

Write your own Review of this Vehicle!

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